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DESSERT, noun. A sweet confection served as the last course of a meal
DESSERT BAR, noun. (US) A kind of soft baked cookie that is square or rectangular.
DESSERT BAR, noun. A restaurant counter where customers can select and/or customize their dessert.
DESSERT BARS, noun. Plural of dessert bar
DESSERT GRAPE, noun. A grape grown for eating rather than for making wine.
DESSERT GRAPES, noun. Plural of dessert grape
DESSERT SPOON, noun. Alternative spelling of dessertspoon
DESSERT SPOONS, noun. Plural of dessert spoon
DESSERT WINE, noun. Any of many relatively sweet wines, traditionally drunk at the end of a meal
DESSERT WINE, noun. (US standard of identity) Grape wine with an alcohol content of more than fourteen, but at most twenty-four, percent, by volume.
DESSERT WINES, noun. Plural of dessert wine

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DESSERT, noun. A dish served as the last course of a meal.

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