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DINNER, noun. A midday meal (in a context in which the evening meal is called supper or tea).
DINNER, noun. The main meal of the day, often eaten in the evening.
DINNER, noun. An evening meal.
DINNER, noun. A meal given to an animal.
DINNER, noun. A formal meal for many people eaten for a special occasion.
DINNER, noun. (uncountable) The food provided or consumed at any such meal.
DINNER HOUR, noun. Dinnertime, the hour in which the dinner meal takes place
DINNER HOUR, noun. The hour from 6 to 7 p.m.
DINNER HOUR, noun. (British) The midday break in British schools (some areas), lunchtime.
DINNER JACKET, noun. (US) A jacket, often white, corresponding to a tuxedo jacket.
DINNER JACKET, noun. (British) What the US terms a tuxedo, nearly always in black.
DINNER JACKETS, noun. Plural of dinner jacket
DINNER LADIES, noun. Plural of dinner lady
DINNER LADY, noun. (British) (informal) A woman employed to serve food in a school or work canteen.
DINNER PARTIES, noun. Plural of dinner party
DINNER PARTY, noun. A relatively formal meal at which invited guests eat in the home of the host
DINNER PLATE, noun. Alternative form of dinnerplate
DINNER PLATES, noun. Plural of dinner plate
DINNER SHIRT, noun. A formal white shirt with a collar, worn under a dinner jacket as part of black tie dress.
DINNER SHIRTS, noun. Plural of dinner shirt
DINNER SUIT, noun. Dinner jacket; tuxedo
DINNER SUITS, noun. Plural of dinner suit
DINNER TABLE, noun. A table on which dinner (or other food) is served and eaten.
DINNER TABLES, noun. Plural of dinner table
DINNER TIME, noun. Alternative spelling of dinnertime
DINNER TIMES, noun. Plural of dinner time

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DINNER, noun. The main meal of the day served in the evening or at midday; "dinner will be at 8"; "on Sundays they had a large dinner when they returned from church".
DINNER, noun. A party of people assembled to have dinner together; "guests should never be late to a dinner party".

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