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HUNGRY, adjective. Affected by hunger; desiring of food; having a physical need for food.
HUNGRY, adjective. (figuratively) Eager, having an avid desire ('appetite') for something.
HUNGRY, adjective. Not rich or fertile; poor; barren; starved.
HUNGRY AS A HOG, adjective. (simile) Very hungry
HUNGRY GHOST, noun. (Buddhism) (Chinese folk religion) A type of supernatural being, condemned to desire more than it can consume. Often depicted with large belly and tiny mouth.
HUNGRY GHOSTS, noun. Plural of hungry ghost
HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF, adjective. Ravenously hungry

Dictionary definition

HUNGRY, adjective. Feeling hunger; feeling a need or desire to eat food; "a world full of hungry people".
HUNGRY, adjective. (usually followed by `for') extremely desirous; "athirst for knowledge"; "hungry for recognition"; "thirsty for informaton".

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