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SLEEPY, adjective. Tired; feeling the need for sleep.
SLEEPY, adjective. Suggesting tiredness.
SLEEPY, adjective. Tending to induce sleep; soporific.
SLEEPY, adjective. Dull; lazy; heavy; sluggish.
SLEEPY, adjective. Quiet; without bustle or activity.
SLEEPY, noun. (informal) The gum that builds up in the eye
SLEEPY COD, noun. Oxyeleotris lineolatus, a medium-sized freshwater fish native to tropical regions of northern Australia.
SLEEPY DISTEMPER, noun. (archaic) sleeping sickness
SLEEPY DUST, noun. (informal) Rheum crusted around the eyes from sleep.
SLEEPY HEAD, noun. (idiomatic) A very tired person
SLEEPY SICKNESS, noun. Encephalitis lethargica; acute inflammation of the brain which causes drowsiness and mental disease.

Dictionary definition

SLEEPY, adjective. Ready to fall asleep; "beginning to feel sleepy"; "a sleepy-eyed child with drooping eyelids"; "sleepyheaded students".

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