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SLEEPER, noun. Someone who sleeps.
SLEEPER, noun. That which lies dormant, as a law.
SLEEPER, noun. A spy, saboteur, or terrorist who lives unobtrusively in a community until activated by a prearranged signal; may be part of a sleeper cell.
SLEEPER, noun. A railroad sleeping car.
SLEEPER, noun. Something that achieves unexpected success after an interval of time.
SLEEPER, noun. A goby-like bottom-feeding freshwater fish of the family Odontobutidae.
SLEEPER, noun. A nurse shark.
SLEEPER, noun. A type of pajama for a person, especially a child, that covers the whole body, including the feet.
SLEEPER, noun. (slang) An automobile which, not too quick out of the factory, has been internally modified to excess, while retaining a mostly stock appearance in order to fool opponents in a drag race, or to avoid the attention of the police.
SLEEPER, noun. (rail transport) (British) A railroad tie.
SLEEPER, noun. (carpentry) A structural beam in a floor running perpendicular to both the joists beneath and floorboards above.
SLEEPER, noun. (nautical) A heavy floor timber in a ship's bottom.
SLEEPER, noun. (nautical) The lowest, or bottom, tier of casks.
SLEEPER AGENT, noun. A spy who is placed in a target country or organisation, not to undertake an immediate mission, but rather to act as a potential asset if activated.
SLEEPER AGENTS, noun. Plural of sleeper agent
SLEEPER BERTH, noun. A seat, on an aircraft etc, that can be reclined to form a bed
SLEEPER BERTH, noun. (US) A small compartment on a long-distance truck in which the driver can sleep when taking a break
SLEEPER CAB, noun. A truck or lorry cab with a bunk behind the seating area, in which the driver can sleep during rest breaks on long journeys away from home.
SLEEPER CABS, noun. Plural of sleeper cab
SLEEPER CELL, noun. A group of people (sleepers) who inconspicuously remain dormant in a community until activated, by a prearranged signal, to perform acts of espionage, sabotage, and/or terrorism.
SLEEPER CELLS, noun. Plural of sleeper cell
SLEEPER SHIP, noun. (science fiction) A spaceship, all or some of whose passengers are in suspended animation.
SLEEPER SHIPS, noun. Plural of sleeper ship

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SLEEPER, noun. A rester who is sleeping.
SLEEPER, noun. A spy or saboteur or terrorist planted in an enemy country who lives there as a law-abiding citizen until activated by a prearranged signal.
SLEEPER, noun. An unexpected achiever of success; "the winner was a true sleeper--no one expected him to get it".
SLEEPER, noun. One of the cross braces that support the rails on a railway track; "the British call a railroad tie a sleeper".
SLEEPER, noun. A passenger car that has berths for sleeping.
SLEEPER, noun. Pajamas with feet; worn by children.
SLEEPER, noun. A piece of furniture that can be opened up into a bed.
SLEEPER, noun. Tropical fish that resembles a goby and rests quietly on the bottom in shallow water.
SLEEPER, noun. An unexpected hit; "that movie was the sleeper of the summer".

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