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RESTLESS, adjective. Not allowing or affording rest.
RESTLESS, adjective. Without rest; unable to be still or quiet; uneasy; continually moving.
RESTLESS, adjective. Not satisfied to be at rest or in peace; averse to repose; eager for change; discontented.
RESTLESS, adjective. Deprived of rest or sleep.
RESTLESS GENITAL SYNDROME, noun. Persistent genital arousal disorder
RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME, noun. Alternative form of restless legs syndrome
RESTLESS LEGS SYNDROME, noun. A neurological disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to move one's body to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations, usually in the legs.

Dictionary definition

RESTLESS, adjective. Worried and uneasy.
RESTLESS, adjective. Ceaselessly in motion; "the restless sea"; "the restless wind".
RESTLESS, adjective. Lacking or not affording physical or mental rest; "a restless night"; "she fell into an uneasy sleep".

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