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LONGITUDINAL, adjective. Relating to length, or to longitude.
LONGITUDINAL, adjective. Running in the direction of the long axis of a body.
LONGITUDINAL, adjective. Forward and/or backward, relative to some defined direction.
LONGITUDINAL, adjective. (science and social science) (of a study) Sampling data over time rather than merely once.
LONGITUDINAL, noun. Any longitudinal piece, as in shipbuilding etc.
LONGITUDINAL, noun. A railway sleeper lying parallel with the rail.
LONGITUDINAL ABERRATION, noun. (optics) Deviation from the correct point of focus measured parallel to the axis.
LONGITUDINAL ABERRATIONS, noun. Plural of longitudinal aberration
LONGITUDINAL RECORDING, noun. A technique of creating magnetic data storage using horizontal as opposed to vertical magnetization of a hard disk drive.
LONGITUDINAL WAVE, noun. (physics) Any wave in which the direction of disturbance is parallel to the direction of travel.

Dictionary definition

LONGITUDINAL, adjective. Of or relating to lines of longitude; "longitudinal reckoning by the navigator".
LONGITUDINAL, adjective. Running lengthwise; "a thin longitudinal strip"; "longitudinal measurements of the hull".
LONGITUDINAL, adjective. Over an extended time; "a longitudinal study of twins".

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