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AXIS, noun. (geometry) An imaginary line around which an object spins (an axis of rotation) or is symmetrically arranged (an axis of symmetry).
AXIS, noun. (mathematics) A fixed one-dimensional figure, such as a line or arc, with an origin and orientation and such that its points are in one-to-one correspondence with a set of numbers; an axis forms part of the basis of a space or is used to position and locate data in a graph (a coordinate axis).
AXIS, noun. (anatomy) The second cervical vertebra of the spine.
AXIS, noun. (psychiatry) A form of classification and descriptions of mental disorders or disabilities used in manuals such as the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)
AXIS, noun. Axis axis, a deer native to Asia.
AXIS, proper noun. A taxonomic genus within the family Cervidae   — the chital, of India.
AXIS, proper noun. The alliance (in effect before and during World War II) of Germany, Italy, Japan, and several minor allied countries, which opposed the Allies.
AXIS CYLINDER, noun. (biology) (dated) An axon.
AXIS CYLINDERS, noun. Plural of axis cylinder
AXIS DEER, noun. A South Asian deer, the chital, Axis axis
AXIS OF EVIL, noun. A group of states sponsoring terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction, originally defined as including Iran, Iraq, and North Korea.
AXIS OF EVIL, noun. (astrophysics) A preferential axis which may have shaped the development of the universe, sometimes abbreviated AOE.
AXIS OF ROTATION, noun. The axis about which any body rotates
AXIS OF ROTATION, noun. The line joining the North Pole and South Pole about which the Earth rotates daily
AXIS OF SYMMETRY, noun. (geometry) Any of one or more lines about which a geometric figure is symmetric
AXIS POWERS, proper noun. The alliance (in effect before and during World War II) of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, imperial Japan, and a few other countries, which opposed the Allied Powers.

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AXIS, noun. A straight line through a body or figure that satisfies certain conditions.
AXIS, noun. The main stem or central part about which plant organs or plant parts such as branches are arranged.
AXIS, noun. In World War II the alliance of Germany and Italy in 1936 which later included Japan and other nations; "the Axis opposed the Allies in World War II".
AXIS, noun. A group of countries in special alliance.
AXIS, noun. The 2nd cervical vertebra; serves as a pivot for turning the head.
AXIS, noun. The center around which something rotates.

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