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RADIAL, adjective. Arranged like rays that radiate from, or converge to a common centre.
RADIAL, adjective. Moving along a radius.
RADIAL, adjective. (anatomy) Of, or relating to the radius bone.
RADIAL, adjective. (entomology) Of, or relating to the radius (vein), and/or the wing areas next to it.
RADIAL, noun. A radial tire / radial tyre
RADIAL ARM SAW, noun. A circular saw mounted to slide along a horizontal beam
RADIAL ARTERY, noun. (medicine) (human anatomy) The main artery that enters the wrist on the side of the thumb.
RADIAL BEARING, noun. A ball bearing in a bearing race that has been shaped so that a radial load passes radially through the bearing
RADIAL CANAL, noun. Any of the numerous minute canals lined with choanocytes which radiate from the paragastric cavity in some sponges and end just below the surface of the sponge
RADIAL CANAL, noun. Any of the canals extending through the substance of the umbrella from the gastric cavity to the marginal circular canal in jellyfish
RADIAL CANAL, noun. A tube extending outward along each ambulacral area from the circumoral canal in most echinoderms
RADIAL CURVE, noun. (mathematics) Any of a family of curves that are the loci of points that have a defined relationship between a fixed point and the centre of curvature at each point on another curve
RADIAL DISTRIBUTION FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) (physics) A function which specifies the average density of atoms, molecules etc in three dimensions from a given point
RADIAL DISTRIBUTION FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of radial distribution function
RADIAL ENGINE, noun. Any of several internal combustion engines that have the cylinders arranged radially around a central crankshaft
RADIAL ENGINES, noun. Plural of radial engine
RADIAL GATE, noun. A tainter gate
RADIAL GLIAL CELL, noun. (cytology) Any of a form of glial cell, characterized by long radial processes extending from the ventricular zone, that are important in neurogenesis
RADIAL KERATOTOMY, noun. An eye surgery procedure to correct myopia (near-sightedness) using a series of incisions in the cornea, radiating from a central point (hence radial).
RADIAL NERVE, noun. (anatomy) A large nerve, carrying both sensory and motor neurones, that supplies the dorsal aspect of the forearm and arm
RADIAL SAW, noun. A circular saw in which the saw wheel cuts downward from a suspended arm
RADIAL SHIELD, noun. Either of the two plates situated on the disk at the base of each ray of some starfish
RADIAL SHIELD, noun. A radial graphite reflector surrounding a pressurized water reactor
RADIAL SYMMETRIES, noun. (rare) plural of radial symmetry
RADIAL SYMMETRY, noun. A form of symmetry in which identical parts are arranged in a circular fashion around a central axis.
RADIAL TIRE, noun. A style (or method of construction) of tires used for most vehicles, which incorporate reinforcing cords distributed radially relative to the hub (at 90 degrees to the direction of travel).
RADIAL TIRES, noun. Plural of radial tire
RADIAL TYRE, noun. (British) Alternative spelling of radial tire
RADIAL TYRES, noun. Plural of radial tyre
RADIAL VEIN, noun. (anatomy) Any of a group of veins on the radial side of the forearm
RADIAL VELOCITY, noun. (astronomy) motion of a star toward or away from the earth.

Dictionary definition

RADIAL, noun. Pneumatic tire that has radial-ply casing.
RADIAL, adjective. Relating to or near the radius; "the radial aspect of the forearm".
RADIAL, adjective. Relating to or moving along or having the direction of a radius; "radial velocity".
RADIAL, adjective. Issuing in rays from a common center; relating to rays of light; "radial heat".
RADIAL, adjective. Arranged like rays or radii; radiating from a common center; "radial symmetry"; "a starlike or stellate arrangement of petals"; "many cities show a radial pattern of main highways".

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