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STRUT, verb. (intransitive) To swell; protuberate; bulge or spread out.
STRUT, verb. (intransitive) (originally said of fowl) To stand or walk stiffly, with the tail erect and spread out.
STRUT, verb. (intransitive) To walk proudly or haughtily.
STRUT, verb. (transitive) (obsolete) To cause to swell; enlarge; give more importance to.
STRUT, verb. (transitive) To protrude; cause to bulge.
STRUT, noun. A proud step or walk, with the head erect; affected dignity in walking.
STRUT, adjective. (archaic) Swelling out; protuberant; bulging.
STRUT, noun. A support rod.
STRUT, verb. (transitive) (construction) To brace or support by a strut ot struts; hold in place or strengthen by an upright, diagonal, or transverse support.
STRUT ONE'S STUFF, verb. (idiomatic) (intransitive) To behave, or to perform in a showy or ostentatious manner, especially in a way to impress others; to show off.

Dictionary definition

STRUT, noun. A proud stiff pompous gait.
STRUT, noun. Brace consisting of a bar or rod used to resist longitudinal compression.
STRUT, verb. To walk with a lofty proud gait, often in an attempt to impress others; "He struts around like a rooster in a hen house".

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