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INVERTED, adjective. Changed to a contrary or counterchanged order or direction; characterized by inversion; turned upside down; reversed; opposite; contrary.
INVERTED, adjective. (music) (of a chord) Having the lowest note transposed an octave higher
INVERTED, adjective. (chemistry) (of sugar) Having its polarization changed by hydrolysis; see invert sugar
INVERTED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of invert
INVERTED BREVE, noun. A diacritical mark whose appearance is of a breve upside-down, thus similar to a rounded circumflex.
INVERTED BREVES, noun. Plural of inverted breve
INVERTED CARET, noun. A caret (^) that has been inverted.
INVERTED CARET, noun. (now only informally) A háček.
INVERTED CARETS, noun. Plural of inverted caret
INVERTED CIRCUMFLEX, noun. (phonology) (now disused) A dipping tone.
INVERTED CIRCUMFLEX, noun. (typography) Any diacritic obtained by rotate a circumflex (ˆ) 180°.
INVERTED CIRCUMFLEX, noun. (now only informally) A háček.
INVERTED COMMA, noun. (UK) A type of quotation mark, denoted by ‘ (an "open inverted comma") or ’ (a "close inverted comma"). Often used instead of "inverted commas", which also means a "double style" inverted comma, denoted by “ ("open inverted commas") or ” ("close inverted commas"), in the United Kingdom.
INVERTED COMMAS, noun. Plural of inverted comma
INVERTED EXCLAMATION POINT, noun. The punctuation mark "¡", which is placed at the beginning of exclamations in Spanish.
INVERTED EXCLAMATION POINTS, noun. Plural of inverted exclamation point
INVERTED HAT, noun. (nonstandard) = háček
INVERTED HAT, noun. (nonstandard) = breve
INVERTED HATS, noun. Plural of inverted hat
INVERTED INDEX, noun. An indexing algorithm which indexes the document being searched based on the keywords being searched.
INVERTED PENTACLE, noun. A five pointed star with the odd point directed inferiorly, a religious symbol of Baphomet and Satanism
INVERTED PENTACLES, noun. Plural of inverted pentacle
INVERTED QUESTION MARK, noun. The punctuation mark "¿", which is placed at the beginning of questions in Spanish and, less commonly, Catalan.
INVERTED QUESTION MARKS, noun. Plural of inverted question mark
INVERTED REPEAT-LACKING CLADE, proper noun. A taxonomic clade within the family Fabaceae   — most of the economically important legumes, characterized by the loss of one the two 25-kb inverted repeats in the plastid genome that are found in most land plants.
INVERTED SNOBBERY, noun. A form of snobbery where the practitioner deprecates the target for attributes that would normally be considered desirable (particularly wealth).
INVERTED SUGAR, noun. Invert sugar
INVERTED TOTALITARIANISM, noun. A system in which democracy is corrupted and subverted by corporations and politics is trumped by economics.

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INVERTED, adjective. Being in such a position that top and bottom are reversed; "a quotation mark is sometimes called an inverted comma"; "an upside-down cake".
INVERTED, adjective. (of a plant ovule) completely inverted; turned back 180 degrees on its stalk.

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