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TRIANGLE, noun. (geometry) A polygon with three sides and three angles.
TRIANGLE, noun. (music) A percussion instrument made by forming a metal rod into a triangular shape which is open at one angle. It is suspended from a string and hit with a metal bar to make a resonant sound.
TRIANGLE, noun. (cue sports) A triangular piece of equipment used for gathering the balls into the formation required by the game being played.
TRIANGLE, noun. A love triangle.
TRIANGLE, noun. (systemics) The structure of systems composed with three interrelated objects.
TRIANGLE, noun. A draughtsman's square in the form of a right-angled triangle.
TRIANGLE, noun. (historical) A frame formed of three poles stuck in the ground and united at the top, to which soldiers were bound when undergoing corporal punishment.
TRIANGLE, proper noun. The area comprising the cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill in North Carolina. Used with "the" except when attributive.
TRIANGLE INEQUALITY, noun. (analysis) The inequality that states that the magnitude of the sum of two vectors is less than or equal to the sum of the magnitudes of the vectors, or any equivalent inequality in other spaces.
TRIANGLE POSE, noun. (asana) Trikonasana.
TRIANGLE SPIDER, noun. A small American spider (Hyptiotes americanus) that lives among the dead branches of evergreen trees. It constructs a triangular web, or net, usually composed of four radii crossed by a double elastic fiber. The spider holds the thread at the apex of the web and stretches it tight, but lets go and springs the net when an insect comes in contact with it.
TRIANGLE TEST, noun. A test in which a potential consumer is asked to determine blindly which of three similar items is not identical to the other two.
TRIANGLE WAVE, noun. (maths) (engineering) A function or waveform that alternately ramps linearly upwards and then downwards.
TRIANGLE WAVES, noun. Plural of triangle wave
TRIANGLE WORSHIPPER, noun. (slang) (derogatory) A Trinitarian

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TRIANGLE, noun. A three-sided polygon.
TRIANGLE, noun. Something approximating the shape of a triangle; "the coastline of Chile and Argentina and Brazil forms two legs of a triangle".
TRIANGLE, noun. A small northern constellation near Perseus between Andromeda and Aries.
TRIANGLE, noun. Any of various triangular drafting instruments used to draw straight lines at specified angles.
TRIANGLE, noun. A percussion instrument consisting of a metal bar bent in the shape of an open triangle.

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