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SPIRAL, noun. (geometry) A curve that is the locus of a point that rotates about a fixed point while continuously increasing its distance from that point.
SPIRAL, noun. (informal) A helix.
SPIRAL, noun. A self-sustaining process with a lot of momentum involved, so it is difficult to accelerate or stop it at once.
SPIRAL, adjective. Helical, like a spiral
SPIRAL, verb. (intransitive) To move along the path of a spiral or helix.
SPIRAL, verb. (transitive) To cause something to spiral.
SPIRAL, verb. (figuratively) (intransitive) To increase continually.
SPIRAL ARM, noun. (astronomy) A section of a spiral galaxy that coils out from the centre
SPIRAL ARMS, noun. Plural of spiral arm
SPIRAL DANCE, noun. A neo-pagan group dance emphasizing community and rebirth.
SPIRAL DRAGN, noun. (galaxy) a spiral galaxy which contains a DRAGN
SPIRAL DRAGNS, noun. Plural of spiral DRAGN
SPIRAL GALAXIES, noun. Plural of spiral galaxy
SPIRAL GALAXY, noun. (galaxy) A galaxy having a number of arms of younger stars that spiral out from the centre containing older ones
SPIRAL GINGER, noun. A Costa Rican tropical plant distantly related to ginger, Costus barbatus, which is grown for its showy red flowerheads.
SPIRAL GINGERS, noun. Plural of spiral ginger
SPIRAL NEBULA, noun. (astronomy) a spiral-shaped nebula
SPIRAL NEBULA, noun. (astronomy) (obsolete) a spiral-shaped white nebula; these were generally determined to be spiral galaxies in the 20th century
SPIRAL OF ARCHIMEDES, noun. (mathematics) A spiral that increases in distance from the point of origin at a constant rate.
SPIRAL PASS, noun. (sports) A long pass in American football or rugby in which the ball is given a brisk spin (about its longitudinal axis) as it is thrown so that it travels in a smooth arc without tumbling or wobbling.
SPIRAL PASSES, noun. Plural of spiral pass
SPIRAL STAIRCASE, noun. A staircase in the form of a helix.
SPIRAL STAIRCASES, noun. Plural of spiral staircase
SPIRAL WRACK, noun. A species of seaweed, Fucus spiralis, living on the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America.

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SPIRAL, noun. A plane curve traced by a point circling about the center but at increasing distances from the center.
SPIRAL, noun. A curve that lies on the surface of a cylinder or cone and cuts the element at a constant angle.
SPIRAL, noun. A continuously accelerating change in the economy.
SPIRAL, noun. Ornament consisting of a curve on a plane that winds around a center with an increasing distance from the center.
SPIRAL, noun. A structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loops; "a coil of rope".
SPIRAL, noun. Flying downward in a helical path with a large radius.
SPIRAL, verb. To wind or move in a spiral course; "the muscles and nerves of his fine drawn body were coiling for action"; "black smoke coiling up into the sky"; "the young people gyrated on the dance floor".
SPIRAL, verb. Form a spiral; "The path spirals up the mountain".
SPIRAL, verb. Move in a spiral or zigzag course.
SPIRAL, adjective. In the shape of a coil.

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