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INWARD, adjective. Situated on the inside; that is within, inner; belonging to the inside. [from 9th c.]
INWARD, adjective. (obsolete) Intimate, closely acquainted; familiar. [16th-17th c.]
INWARD, adverb. Towards the inside. [from 11th c.]
INWARD, noun. (obsolete) (chiefly in the plural) That which is inward or within; the inner parts or organs of the body; the viscera.
INWARD, noun. (obsolete) (chiefly in the plural) The mental faculties.
INWARD, noun. (obsolete) A familiar friend or acquaintance.

Dictionary definition

INWARD, adverb. Toward the center or interior; "move the needle further inwards!".
INWARD, adverb. To or toward the inside of; "come in"; "smash in the door".
INWARD, adjective. Relating to or existing in the mind or thoughts; "a concern with inward reflections".
INWARD, adjective. Directed or moving inward or toward a center; "the inbound train"; "inward flood of capital".

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