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POINTING, verb. Present participle of point
POINTING, noun. The action of the verb to point.
POINTING, noun. (usually singular or collective) Mortar that has been placed between bricks to hold them together. This is not strictly speaking correct word to use in this context, mortar would be the correct word, or joint filling. (or perhaps applies in the US only) This term is often misused as meaning mortar or joint filling, as 'repointing' is the action of making good and repairing of joints between stone.
POINTING, noun. The act or art of punctuating; punctuation.
POINTING, noun. The rubbing off of the point of the wheat grain in the first process of high milling.
POINTING, noun. (art) The act or process of measuring, at the various distances from the surface of a block of marble, the surface of a future piece of statuary; also, a process used in cutting the statue from the artist's model.
POINTING DEVICE, noun. (computing) Any device, such as a mouse or trackball, used to control an on-screen pointer or cursor.
POINTING OUT, verb. Present participle of point out
POINTING STICK, noun. (computing) An isometric joystick used as a pointing device.
POINTING THE BONE, verb. Present participle of point the bone

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