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BELOW, preposition. Lower in spatial position than.
BELOW, preposition. Lower in value, price, rank or concentration than.
BELOW, preposition. Downstream of.
BELOW, preposition. South of.
BELOW, preposition. Unsuitable to the rank or dignity of; beneath.
BELOW, preposition. (stage directions) Downstage of.
BELOW, adverb. In a lower place.
BELOW, adverb. On a lower storey.
BELOW, adverb. Further down.
BELOW, adverb. (nautical) On a lower deck.
BELOW, adverb. (of a temperature) Below zero.
BELOW AVERAGE, adjective. Worse than average, with regard to scholastic performance if unspecified.
BELOW DECKS, prepositional phrase. (nautical) In or into any of the spaces below the main deck of a vessel.
BELOW PAR, adjective. (golf) (of a score) Less than par for the hole or course
BELOW PAR, adjective. (idiomatic) Not up to the average or normal standard
BELOW PAR, adjective. (of a financial instrument) Having a price below its face value
BELOW THE BELT, prepositional phrase. (boxing) Of a punch, landing illegally, below the opponent's waist.
BELOW THE BELT, prepositional phrase. (by extension) (idiomatic) Unfair; dirty; not according to the generally accepted rules.
BELOW THE FOLD, adjective. (newspapers) Referring to a photograph, headline, or article printed on the lower half of the front page of a broadsheet newspaper, such that it is not immediately visible on a folded copy of the newspaper, e.g. as displayed at a newsstand or in a vending machine.
BELOW THE FOLD, adjective. (by extension) (web design) Referring to that portion of a web page which is far enough down that it is not likely to be visible in the initial display of a standard browser window, such that the reader will probably have to scroll down before seeing it.
BELOW THE SALT, prepositional phrase. (idiomatic) Common, vulgar; of low standing.

Dictionary definition

BELOW, adverb. In or to a place that is lower.
BELOW, adverb. At a later place; "see below".
BELOW, adverb. (in writing) see below; "vide infra".
BELOW, adverb. On a floor below; "the tenants live downstairs".
BELOW, adverb. Further down; "see under for further discussion".

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