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CONSONANT, noun. (phonetics) A sound that results from the passage of air through restrictions of the oral cavity; any sound that is not the dominant sound of a syllable, the dominant sound generally being a vowel.
CONSONANT, noun. A letter representing the sound of a consonant.
CONSONANT, adjective. Characterized by harmony or agreement.
CONSONANT, adjective. Having the same sound.
CONSONANT, adjective. (music) Harmonizing together; accordant.
CONSONANT, adjective. Of or relating to consonants; made up of, or containing many, consonants.
CONSONANT GRADATION, noun. (linguistics) A type of apophony or mutation of consonants found in Finnic and Sami languages.
CONSONANT STEM, noun. A stem ending in a consonant.

Dictionary definition

CONSONANT, noun. A speech sound that is not a vowel.
CONSONANT, noun. A letter of the alphabet standing for a spoken consonant.
CONSONANT, adjective. Involving or characterized by harmony.
CONSONANT, adjective. In keeping; "salaries agreeable with current trends"; "plans conformable with your wishes"; "expressed views concordant with his background".

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