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DENTAL, adjective. Of or concerning the teeth, as in dental care.
DENTAL, adjective. Of or concerning dentistry.
DENTAL, adjective. (phonetics) Made with the tongue touching the teeth, as in dental fricative.
DENTAL, noun. (veterinary medicine) Cleaning and polishing of an animal's teeth.
DENTAL, noun.  (phonetics) A dental sound.
DENTAL ALVEOLI, noun. Plural of dental alveolus
DENTAL ALVEOLUS, noun. (anatomy) The medical term for a tooth socket in the jaw.
DENTAL CALCULUS, noun. A hard crust of calcium salts and food particles on the teeth
DENTAL CARIES, noun. Tooth decay; a disease of the teeth resulting in damage to tooth structure.
DENTAL FLOSS, noun. Floss (used to clean the areas between the teeth)
DENTAL FORMULA, noun. A brief notation used by zoologists to denote the number and kind of teeth of a mammal.
DENTAL FRICATIVE, noun. (phonetics) The phoneme produced when the tongue touches the upper teeth and air is blown. It can be voiced (ð) or unvoiced (θ).
DENTAL HYGIENIST, noun. A licensed dental professional who specializes in preventive oral health, typically focusing on techniques in oral hygiene.
DENTAL HYGIENISTS, noun. Plural of dental hygienist
DENTAL IDENTIFICATION, noun. The identification of a person, or corpse, by examination of the dental records.
DENTAL NOTATION, noun. A system for associating information to a specific tooth used by dentists
DENTAL PELICAN, noun. (dentistry) A set of forceps used to force overcrowded teeth apart.
DENTAL PELICANS, noun. Plural of dental pelican
DENTAL SPA, noun. A dental regimen using spa treatments, intended to aid the comfort of the patient

Dictionary definition

DENTAL, noun. A consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge.
DENTAL, adjective. Of or relating to the teeth; "dental floss".
DENTAL, adjective. Of or relating to dentistry; "dental student".

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