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PRESCRIPTION, noun. (legal)
PRESCRIPTION, noun. The act of prescribing a rule, law, etc..
PRESCRIPTION, noun. Also called limitation and negative prescription. A time period within which a right must be exercised, unless the right will be extinguished.
PRESCRIPTION, noun. Also called acquisitive prescription and positive prescription. A time period after which a person who has, in the role of an owner, uninterruptedly, peacefully, and publicly possessed another's property acquires the property. The described process is known as acquisition by prescription and adverse possession.
PRESCRIPTION, noun. (medicine) (pharmacy) A written order, as by a physician or nurse practitioner, for the administration of a medicine or other intervention. See also scrip.
PRESCRIPTION, noun. (medicine) The prescription medicine or intervention so prescribed.
PRESCRIPTION, noun. (ophthalmology) The formal description of the lens geometry needed for spectacles, etc..
PRESCRIPTION, noun. A piece of advice.
PRESCRIPTION, adjective. (of a drug, etc.) only available with a physician or nurse practitioner's written prescription
PRESCRIPTION BOTTLE, noun. A container for prescription medications.
PRESCRIPTION BOTTLES, noun. Plural of prescription bottle
PRESCRIPTION DRUG, noun. (pharmacology) A licensed medicine that is regulated by legislation to require a prescription before it can be obtained.
PRESCRIPTION DRUGS, noun. Plural of prescription drug

Dictionary definition

PRESCRIPTION, noun. Directions prescribed beforehand; the action of prescribing authoritative rules or directions; "I tried to follow her prescription for success".
PRESCRIPTION, noun. A drug that is available only with written instructions from a doctor or dentist to a pharmacist; "he told the doctor that he had been taking his prescription regularly".
PRESCRIPTION, noun. Written instructions for an optician on the lenses for a given person.
PRESCRIPTION, noun. Written instructions from a physician or dentist to a druggist concerning the form and dosage of a drug to be issued to a given patient.
PRESCRIPTION, adjective. Available only with a doctor's written prescription; "a prescription drug".

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