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DIETARY, adjective. Of, or relating to diet
DIETARY FIBER, noun. (US) Alternative spelling of dietary fibre
DIETARY FIBRE, noun. Any substance, generally of plant origin, which is undigested on passage through the human alimentary tract - consists mostly of complex carbohydrates.
DIETARY FIBRES, noun. Plural of dietary fibre
DIETARY INDISCRETION, noun. The tendency to eat or act of eating things that should not be eaten, such as metal or plastic objects. (Used particularly in reference to animals.)
DIETARY SUPPLEMENT, noun. (medicine) any substance, such as a vitamin or mineral taken as a supplement to food to replace nutrients that would otherwise be missing in a person's diet
DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS, noun. Plural of dietary supplement

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DIETARY, noun. A regulated daily food allowance.
DIETARY, adjective. Of or relating to the diet; "dietary restrictions".

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