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HERBAL, adjective. Made from or with herbs.
HERBAL, adjective. Made from natural herbs specifically as opposed to from synthetic materials.
HERBAL, noun. A manual of herbs and their medical uses
HERBAL, noun. An herbal supplement
HERBAL MEDICINE, noun. Herbalism
HERBAL MEDICINE, noun. A herbal drug or similar preparation
HERBAL SUPPLEMENT, noun. A preparation used to substitute or practically to nourish or provide vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other essential nutrients for a health goal or purported health benefit.
HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS, noun. Plural of herbal supplement
HERBAL TEA, noun. A beverage made by infusing the leaves of various herbs.
HERBAL TEAS, noun. Plural of herbal tea

Dictionary definition

HERBAL, noun. Tea-like drink made of leaves of various herbs.
HERBAL, adjective. Of or relating to herbs; "herbal tea, herbal medicine".

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