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BITTER, adjective. Having an acrid taste (usually from a basic substance).
BITTER, adjective. Harsh, piercing or stinging.
BITTER, adjective. Hateful or hostile.
BITTER, adjective. Cynical and resentful.
BITTER, noun. (usually in the plural bitters) A liquid or powder, made from bitter herbs, used in mixed drinks or as a tonic.
BITTER, noun. A type of beer heavily flavored with hops.
BITTER, noun. (nautical) A turn of a cable about the bitts.
BITTER, verb. To make bitter.
BITTER ALMOND, noun. A plant of the species Prunus dulcis var. amara, that bears many times the cyanide of the sweet almond.
BITTER CUCUMBER, noun. Colocynth
BITTER ELECTROMAGNET, noun. A strong electromagnet constructed from circular conducting metal plates (Bitter plates) and insulating spacers stacked in a helical configuration, rather than coils of wire.
BITTER ELECTROMAGNETS, noun. Plural of Bitter electromagnet
BITTER END, noun. (nautical) that part of an anchor cable which is abaft the bitts and thus remains inboard when a ship is riding at anchor
BITTER END, noun. (idiomatic) The end of a long and difficult process.
BITTER END, noun. (nautical) the final six fathoms of anchor chain before the point of attachment in the chain locker of modern U.S.naval vessels, with these six fathoms often painted blue, white and red to warn deck hands of the end of available anchor chain.
BITTER ENDS, noun. Plural of bitter end
BITTER GOURD, noun. Bitter melon
BITTER GOURDS, noun. Plural of bitter gourd
BITTER MELON, noun. A vine, Momordica charantia, which produces a bitter, though edible, fruit.
BITTER MELON, noun. The fruit of the bitter melon vine.
BITTER MELON, noun. (Australia) Citrullus lanatus Citroides Group
BITTER MELONS, noun. Plural of bitter melon
BITTER ORANGE, noun. A citrus tree of the species Citrus × aurantium, also called Citrus aurantium.
BITTER ORANGE, noun. A citrus tree of the species Citrus limetta.
BITTER ORANGE, noun. The fruit of these species.
BITTER PANICGRASS, noun. Panicum amarum, native to the southern Atlantic and Gulf coasts of North America, Cuba, and Bahama.
BITTER PILL, noun. Alternative form of bitter pill to swallow
BITTER PILL TO SWALLOW, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see bitter pill,‎ swallow.
BITTER PILL TO SWALLOW, noun. (idiomatic) Something unpleasant that must be accepted or endured.
BITTER PLATE, noun. Any of the circular conducting metal plates in a Bitter electromagnet.
BITTER PLATES, noun. Plural of Bitter plate
BITTER ROT, noun. A disease of apples, caused by the fungus Glaeosporium fructigenum.
BITTER SPAR, noun. Dolomite

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BITTER, noun. English term for a dry sharp-tasting ale with strong flavor of hops (usually on draft).
BITTER, noun. The taste experience when quinine or coffee is taken into the mouth.
BITTER, noun. The property of having a harsh unpleasant taste.
BITTER, verb. Make bitter.
BITTER, adverb. Extremely and sharply; "it was bitterly cold"; "bitter cold".
BITTER, adjective. Marked by strong resentment or cynicism; "an acrimonious dispute"; "bitter about the divorce".
BITTER, adjective. Very difficult to accept or bear; "the bitter truth"; "a bitter sorrow".
BITTER, adjective. Harsh or corrosive in tone; "an acerbic tone piercing otherwise flowery prose"; "a barrage of acid comments"; "her acrid remarks make her many enemies"; "bitter words"; "blistering criticism"; "caustic jokes about political assassination, talk-show hosts and medical ethics"; "a sulfurous denunciation"; "a vitriolic critique".
BITTER, adjective. Expressive of severe grief or regret; "shed bitter tears".
BITTER, adjective. Proceeding from or exhibiting great hostility or animosity; "a bitter struggle"; "bitter enemies".
BITTER, adjective. Causing a sharp and acrid taste experience;"quinine is bitter".
BITTER, adjective. Causing a sharply painful or stinging sensation; used especially of cold; "bitter cold"; "a biting wind".

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