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ANGRY, adjective. Displaying or feeling anger.
ANGRY, adjective. (said about a wound or a rash) Inflamed and painful.
ANGRY, adjective. (figuratively) (said about the elements, like the sky or the sea) Dark and stormy, menacing.
ANGRY FRUIT SALAD, noun. (Internet slang) A webpage or user interface that is poorly designed and overuses color.
ANGRY FRUIT SALADS, noun. Plural of angry fruit salad
ANGRY YOUNG MAN, noun. (literature) Any of a group of mostly working-class and middle-class British playwrights and novelists who rose to prominence in the 1950s, their works being characterized by harshness, realism, and disillusionment with traditional norms.
ANGRY YOUNG MEN, noun. Plural of Angry Young Man

Dictionary definition

ANGRY, adjective. Feeling or showing anger; "angry at the weather"; "angry customers"; "an angry silence"; "sending angry letters to the papers".
ANGRY, adjective. (of the elements) as if showing violent anger; "angry clouds on the horizon"; "furious winds"; "the raging sea".
ANGRY, adjective. Severely inflamed and painful; "an angry sore".

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