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SCOWL, noun. The wrinkling of the brows or face in frowning; the expression of displeasure, sullenness, or discontent in the countenance; an angry frown.
SCOWL, noun. Hence, gloom; dark or threatening aspect.
SCOWL, verb. (intransitive) To wrinkle the brows, as in frowning or displeasure; to put on a frowning look; to look sour, sullen, severe, or angry.
SCOWL, verb. (intransitive) (by extension) To look gloomy, dark, or threatening; to lower.
SCOWL, verb. (intransitive) To look at or repel with a scowl or a frown.
SCOWL, verb. (transitive) To express by a scowl.

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SCOWL, noun. A facial expression of dislike or displeasure.
SCOWL, verb. Frown with displeasure.

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