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VULCAN, proper noun. (Roman god) The god of volcanoes and fire, especially the forge, also the patron of all craftsmen, principally blacksmiths. The Roman counterpart of Hephaestus.
VULCAN, proper noun. (astronomy) (historical) A hypothetical planet proposed to exist in an orbit between Mercury and the Sun in a 19th-century hypothesis.
VULCAN, proper noun. A town in southern Alberta, Canada.
VULCAN, proper noun. A ghost town in Colorado
VULCAN, proper noun. An inactive volcano in New Mexico
VULCAN, proper noun. A volcano in Papua New Guinea
VULCAN, proper noun. A city and a few villages in Romania
VULCAN, proper noun. A fictional inhabited planet.
VULCAN, noun. (slang) (pejorative) A person who seems to lack emotion or is overly analytical and boring.
VULCAN CANNON, noun. (military) (slang) Any electric gatling gun.

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VULCAN, noun. (Roman mythology) god of fire and metal working; counterpart of Greek Hephaestus.

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