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BLAZER, noun. A semi-formal, casual jacket.
BLAZER, noun. A person or thing that blazes (marks or cuts a route).
BLAZER, noun. Anything that blazes or glows, as with heat or flame.
BLAZER, noun. The dish used when cooking directly over the flame of a chafing-dish lamp, or the coals of a brazier.
BLAZER, noun. (slang) (US) One who smokes cannabis; a stoner.
BLAZER, noun. (archaic) One who spreads news, or blazes matters abroad.
BLAZER, noun. (slang) (UK) An older member of a sporting club, often with old-fashioned or conservative views.

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BLAZER, noun. Lightweight single-breasted jacket; often striped in the colors of a club or school.

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