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STAMPEDE, noun. A wild, headlong scamper, or running away, of a number of animals; usually caused by fright; hence, any sudden flight or dispersion, as of a crowd or an army in consequence of a panic.
STAMPEDE, noun. A situation in which many people in a crowd are trying to go in the same direction at the same time.
STAMPEDE, noun. (figurative) Any sudden unconcerted moving or acting together of a number of persons, as from some common impulse.
STAMPEDE, verb. (intransitive) To run away in a panic; said of cattle, horses, etc., also of armies.
STAMPEDE, verb. (transitive) To disperse by causing sudden fright, as a herd or drove of animals.

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STAMPEDE, noun. A headlong rush of people on a common impulse; "when he shouted `fire' there was a stampede to the exits".
STAMPEDE, noun. A wild headlong rush of frightened animals (horses or cattle).
STAMPEDE, verb. Cause to run in panic; "Thunderbolts can stampede animals".
STAMPEDE, verb. Cause a group or mass of people to act on an impulse or hurriedly and impulsively; "The tavern owners stampeded us into overeating".
STAMPEDE, verb. Act, usually en masse, hurriedly or on an impulse; "Companies will now stampede to release their latest software".
STAMPEDE, verb. Run away in a stampede.

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