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ELEPHANT, noun. A mammal of the order Proboscidea, having a trunk, and two large ivory tusks jutting from the upper jaw.
ELEPHANT, noun. (figuratively) Anything huge and ponderous.
ELEPHANT, noun. (paper) (printing) A printing-paper size measuring 30 inches x 22 inches.
ELEPHANT, noun. (British) (childish) used when counting to add length, so that each count takes about one second.
ELEPHANT, noun. (obsolete) ivory
ELEPHANT APPLE, noun. The fruit of the katmon.
ELEPHANT APPLES, noun. Plural of elephant apple
ELEPHANT BEETLE, noun. Megasoma elephas, a large rhinoceros beetle.
ELEPHANT BIRD, noun. Any of the very large extinct flightless birds that comprise the genera Aepyornis and Mullerornis within family Aepyornithidae, and lived in Madagascar until the 17th or 18th century; especially Aepyornis maximus.
ELEPHANT BIRDS, noun. Plural of elephant bird
ELEPHANT EAR, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see elephant,‎ ear.
ELEPHANT EAR, noun. A flat, crisp, sugared pastry
ELEPHANT EAR, noun. Any of several plants in tribe Colocasieae or Caladieae.
ELEPHANT EAR, noun. A taro plant.
ELEPHANT EAR, noun. Caladium.
ELEPHANT EARS, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see elephant,‎ ear.
ELEPHANT GARLIC, noun. A perennial plant related to leeks, Allium ampeloprasum var. ampeloprasum, having large cloves that can be substituted for garlic in cooking.
ELEPHANT GRASS, noun. Synonym of Napier grass.
ELEPHANT GUN, noun. A large calibre firearm capable of killing an elephant or other big game.
ELEPHANT GUNS, noun. Plural of elephant gun
ELEPHANT IN THE CORNER, noun. Alternative form of elephant in the room
ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, noun. (idiomatic) A problem or difficult issue that is very obvious, but is ignored for the convenience or comfort of those involved.
ELEPHANT JUICE, noun. (slang) Etorphine, particularly when used as a stimulent for horses.
ELEPHANT JUICE, interjection. (slang) (neologism) Used as a substitute for I love you.
ELEPHANT PAPER, noun. A large size of paper, measuring 23 by 28 inches, or (double elephant paper) 26 by 40 inches.
ELEPHANT POLO, noun. (sports) A variety of polo played while riding elephants rather than horses.
ELEPHANT SEAL, noun. A large marine mammal of the genus Mirounga, which is the largest of the pinnipeds.
ELEPHANT SEALS, noun. Plural of elephant seal
ELEPHANT SHREW, noun. Any of several small, insectivorous long-nosed mammals, of the order Macroscelidea, native to Africa.
ELEPHANT SHREWS, noun. Plural of elephant shrew
ELEPHANT TREE, noun. A distinctive shrub or small tree native to northern Mexico and the farthest southern edge of California and Arizona, Bursera microphylla, having a smooth-skinned, bulging round trunk reminiscent of an elephant's trunk or legs.

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ELEPHANT, noun. Five-toed pachyderm.
ELEPHANT, noun. The symbol of the Republican Party; introduced in cartoons by Thomas Nast in 1874.

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