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CLOUDED, adjective. Filled with clouds.
CLOUDED, adjective. Unknown, surrounded in mystery.
CLOUDED, verb. Simple past and past participle of cloud.
CLOUDED LEOPARD, noun. A medium-sized, arboreal cat (Neofelis nebulosa) found in Southeast Asia. It has a disproportionately long tail and canines, and a tawny coat with dark, irregular, oval markings.
CLOUDED LEOPARDS, noun. Plural of clouded leopard
CLOUDED OVER, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of cloud over
CLOUDED YELLOW, noun. A bright yellow butterfly, Colias croceus, of the family Pieridae
CLOUDED YELLOWS, noun. Plural of clouded yellow

Dictionary definition

CLOUDED, adjective. Made troubled or apprehensive or distressed in appearance; "his face was clouded with unhappiness".
CLOUDED, adjective. Filled or abounding with clouds.
CLOUDED, adjective. Mentally disordered; "a mind clouded by sorrow".
CLOUDED, adjective. Unclear in form or expression; "the blurred aims of the group"; "sometimes one understood clearly and sometimes the meaning was clouded"- H.G.Wells.

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