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PALE, adjective. Light in color.
PALE, adjective. (of human skin) Having a pallor (a light color, especially due to sickness, shock, fright etc.).
PALE, adjective. Feeble, faint.
PALE, verb. (intransitive) To turn pale; to lose colour.
PALE, verb. (intransitive) To become insignificant.
PALE, verb. (transitive) To make pale; to diminish the brightness of.
PALE, noun. (obsolete) Paleness; pallor.
PALE, noun. A wooden stake; a picket.
PALE, noun. (archaic) Fence made from wooden stake; palisade.
PALE, noun. (by extension) Limits, bounds (especially before of).
PALE, noun. The bounds of morality, good behaviour or judgment in civilized company, in the phrase beyond the pale.
PALE, noun. (heraldiccharge) A vertical band down the middle of a shield.
PALE, noun. (archaic) A territory or defensive area within a specific boundary or under a given jurisdiction.
PALE, noun. (historical) The parts of Ireland under English jurisdiction.
PALE, noun. (historical) The territory around Calais under English control (from the 14th to 16th centuries).
PALE, noun. (historical) A portion of Russia in which Jews were permitted to live.
PALE, noun. (archaic) The jurisdiction (territorial or otherwise) of an authority.
PALE, noun. A cheese scoop.
PALE, noun. A shore for bracing a timber before it is fastened.
PALE, verb. To enclose with pales, or as if with pales; to encircle or encompass; to fence off.
PALE ALE, noun. A beer that uses a warm fermentation and predominantly pale malt, resulting in a lighter colour.
PALE ALES, noun. Plural of pale ale
PALE BLUE DOT, noun. The planet Earth.
PALE CLOUDED YELLOW, noun. A small butterfly (Colias hyale) of the family Pieridae found in most of Europe and large parts of Asia.
PALE CLOUDED YELLOW, noun. Alternative spelling of pale clouded yellow
PALE IN COMPARISON, verb. (idiomatic) to appear unimportant in relation to something else.
PALE OF SETTLEMENT, proper noun. A particular region of Russia from 1791 to 1917, designated for Jews.
PALE RIDER, noun. (idiomatic) "The Pale Rider"; another name for Death, "The Grim Reaper", "the angel of death"; and one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
PALE TOUCH-ME-NOT, noun. Impatiens pallida, native to eastern North America.

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PALE, noun. A wooden strip forming part of a fence.
PALE, verb. Turn pale, as if in fear.
PALE, adjective. Very light colored; highly diluted with white; "pale seagreen"; "pale blue eyes".
PALE, adjective. (of light) lacking in intensity or brightness; dim or feeble; "the pale light of a half moon"; "a pale sun"; "the late afternoon light coming through the el tracks fell in pale oblongs on the street"; "a pallid sky"; "the pale (or wan) stars"; "the wan light of dawn".
PALE, adjective. Lacking in vitality or interest or effectiveness; "a pale rendition of the aria"; "pale prose with the faint sweetness of lavender"; "a pallid performance".
PALE, adjective. Abnormally deficient in color as suggesting physical or emotional distress; "the pallid face of the invalid"; "her wan face suddenly flushed".
PALE, adjective. Not full or rich; "high, pale, pure and lovely song".

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