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SILENT, adjective. Free from sound or noise; absolutely still; perfectly quiet.
SILENT, adjective. Not speaking; indisposed to talk; speechless; mute; taciturn; not loquacious; not talkative.
SILENT, adjective. Keeping at rest; inactive; calm; undisturbed.
SILENT, adjective. (pronunciation) Not pronounced; having no sound; quiescent.
SILENT, adjective. Having no effect; not operating; inefficient.
SILENT, adjective. (technology) Without audio capability.
SILENT, adjective. Hidden, unseen.
SILENT, adjective. Not implying significant modifications which would affect a peptide sequence.
SILENT, adjective. Undiagnosed or undetected because of an absence of symptoms.
SILENT, noun. (uncountable) That which is silent; a time of silence.
SILENT, noun. A silent movie
SILENT, acronym. Acronym of syndrome of irreversible lithium-effectuated neurotoxicity.
SILENT AGITATOR, noun. A sticker affixed in a public place to promote a sociopolitical cause.
SILENT AGITATORS, noun. Plural of silent agitator
SILENT ALARM, noun. A burglar alarm that makes no noise that is audible to the trespasser.
SILENT ALARMS, noun. Plural of silent alarm
SILENT AUCTION, noun. An auction where people bid on a piece of paper, and whoever has the highest bid wins the item.
SILENT AUCTIONS, noun. Plural of silent auction
SILENT BARTER, noun. A system of bartering in which traders remain silent, either because they have no language in common or because they both wish to keep secret and not discuss the origins of their goods (especially gold and salt). (This system was once common in Africa.)
SILENT BUTLER, noun. A dustpan with a hinged lid into which crumbs or ash from an ashtray are put.
SILENT BUTLERS, noun. Plural of silent butler
SILENT COP, noun. Alternative form of silent policeman
SILENT DISCO, noun. (music) An event at which people dance to music that is transmitted through wireless headphones rather than played over a speaker system.
SILENT FILM, noun. (cinematography) A film with no synchronized recorded sound, especially spoken dialogue.
SILENT FILMS, noun. Plural of silent film
SILENT GENERATION, proper noun. The generation of people born from the late 1920s to the early 1940s
SILENT KEY, noun. A ham radio operator who has died.
SILENT MAJORITIES, noun. Plural of silent majority
SILENT MAJORITY, noun. (chiefly US) (politics) The largest portion of a demographic group or of the population of a political jurisdiction, which is considered to possess political and social views that are not openly declared, but that can nevertheless significantly affect voting patterns and social behavior.
SILENT MAJORITY, noun. (archaic) (euphemistic) Those who are dead.
SILENT MISCARRIAGE, noun. A missed abortion.
SILENT NUMBER, noun. A telephone number not listed in the directory.
SILENT PARTNER, noun. A partner who is not actively involved in the running of a business
SILENT PARTNERS, noun. Plural of silent partner
SILENT POLICEMAN, noun. (AU) (informal) a small traffic bollard in the middle of an intersection.
SILENT SAM, noun. (informal) (sometimes used attributively) A person who seldom or never speaks; a taciturn or unresponsive individual.
SILENT SAM, noun. (informal) (by extension) A machine, device, etc. which operates without making noticeable sound.
SILENT SAM, noun. (informal) A mixed alcoholic beverage, usually containing vodka, a cola soft drink, and other ingredients.
SILENT SAM, noun. Alternative form of Silent Sam
SILENT SAMS, noun. Plural of Silent Sam
SILENT SERVICE, noun. (military) (informal) (sometimes capitalized) The submarine service.
SILENT SERVICE, noun. (military) (informal) (sometimes capitalized) (possibly dated) The navy.
SILENT TREATMENT, noun. A form of social sanction that consists of ignoring a particular individual, neither speaking to that person nor responding to his or her words.
SILENT TREATMENTS, noun. Plural of silent treatment

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SILENT, adjective. Marked by absence of sound; "a silent house"; "soundless footsteps on the grass"; "the night was still".
SILENT, adjective. Failing to speak or communicate etc when expected to; "the witness remained silent".
SILENT, adjective. Implied by or inferred from actions or statements; "gave silent consent"; "a tacit agreement"; "the understood provisos of a custody agreement".
SILENT, adjective. Not made to sound; "the silent `h' at the beginning of `honor'"; "in French certain letters are often unsounded".
SILENT, adjective. Having a frequency below or above the range of human audibility; "a silent dog whistle".
SILENT, adjective. Unable to speak because of hereditary deafness.

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