Associations to the word «Revolving»


REVOLVING, verb. Present participle of revolve
REVOLVING, noun. The act of something that revolves or turns.
REVOLVING CREDIT, noun. Any form of credit that does not have a fixed number of payments
REVOLVING DOOR, noun. A door that rotates around a central pivot.
REVOLVING DOOR, noun. (figuratively) A system or institution in which people exit and immediately reenter.
REVOLVING DOORS, noun. Plural of revolving door
REVOLVING LOAN, noun. A type of loan that is secured against a property and allows the owner to borrow and repay money at his or her leisure. Periodic payments of at least accumulated interest are required but the loan is fully open: may be paid out in whole or in part at any time and, if there is still money available under the loan ceiling, the borrower may take more money for his or her use.
REVOLVING LOANS, noun. Plural of revolving loan

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