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WHIRLING, verb. Present participle of whirl
WHIRLING, noun. The action of the verb to whirl.
WHIRLING, adjective. That whirls or whirl.
WHIRLING DERVISHES, noun. Sufis of an ascetic order whose ritual religious observances involve mystical poetry of Mevlana (Rumi), music, and a whirling dance. Centered in Turkey but widespread internationally.
WHIRLING DISEASE, noun. A disease of salmonid fish, caused by the myxosporean parasite Myxobolus cerebralis and characterised by awkward, corkscrew-like swimming motions.
WHIRLING TABLE, noun. An apparatus fitted with one or more revolving disks, with weights, pulleys, etc., for illustrating physical laws and phenomena.
WHIRLING TABLE, noun. A potter's wheel.
WHIRLING TABLES, noun. Plural of whirling table

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WHIRLING, noun. The act of rotating in a circle or spiral.

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