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SWIFT, adjective. Fast; quick; rapid.
SWIFT, adjective. Capable of moving at high speeds.
SWIFT, noun. (obsolete) The current of a stream.
SWIFT, noun. A small plain-colored bird of the family Apodidae that resembles a swallow and is noted for its rapid flight. Other common names for the birds of this family include swiftlet, needletail and spinetail.
SWIFT, noun. Some lizards of the genus Sceloporus.
SWIFT, noun. A moth of the family Hepialidae, swift moth, ghost moth.
SWIFT, adverb. (obsolete) (poetic) Swiftly.
SWIFT, proper noun. A surname​, originally a nickname for a swift or quick person.
SWIFT BOAT, noun. A small, shallow draft water vessel used by the United States Navy for counterinsurgency (COIN) operations during the Vietnam War; Fast Patrol Craft (PCF).
SWIFT BOAT, verb. (US) (neologism) (pejorative) (transitive) to put forth sensational negative stories about a political figure as part of a smear campaign against them, especially regarding their military record
SWIFT BOATING, noun. Alternative spelling of swiftboating
SWIFT CURRENT, proper noun. A city in Saskatchewan, Canada

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SWIFT, noun. United States meat-packer who began the use of refrigerated railroad cars (1839-1903).
SWIFT, noun. An English satirist born in Ireland (1667-1745).
SWIFT, noun. A small bird that resembles a swallow and is noted for its rapid flight.
SWIFT, noun. Common western lizard; seen on logs or rocks.
SWIFT, adjective. Moving very fast; "fleet of foot"; "the fleet scurrying of squirrels"; "a swift current"; "swift flight of an arrow"; "a swift runner".

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