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CRESCENT, noun. The figure of the moon as it appears in its first or last quarter, with concave and convex edges terminating in points.
CRESCENT, noun. Something shaped like a crescent, especially:
CRESCENT, noun. A curved pastry.
CRESCENT, noun. A curved street, often presenting a continuous façade, as of row houses.
CRESCENT, noun. (Islam) A representation of the symbol used by Islamic caliphates
CRESCENT, noun. (NZ) A crescent spanner.
CRESCENT, noun. (historical) Any of three orders of knighthood conferred upon foreigners to whom Turkey might be indebted for valuable services.
CRESCENT, noun. (heraldiccharge) The emblem of the waxing Moon with horns directed upward, when used in a coat of arms; often used as a mark of cadency to distinguish a second son and his descendants.
CRESCENT, noun. A crescentspot butterfly.
CRESCENT, adjective. (dated) (rare) marked by an increase; waxing, like the Moon.
CRESCENT, adjective. Shaped like a crescent.
CRESCENT, verb. (transitive) To form into a crescent, or something resembling a crescent.
CRESCENT, verb. (transitive) To adorn with crescents.
CRESCENT FRESH, adjective. (US) (slang) Very fresh.
CRESCENT MOON, noun. The Moon as it appears early in its first quarter or late in its last quarter, when only a small arc-shaped section of the visible portion is illuminated by the Sun
CRESCENT MOON, noun. A symbol of Islam
CRESCENT MOONS, noun. Plural of crescent moon
CRESCENT ROLL, noun. (North America) a croissant.
CRESCENT ROLLS, noun. Plural of crescent roll
CRESCENT SPANNER, noun. (AU) (NZ) An adjustable hand tool for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts.
CRESCENT SPANNERS, noun. Plural of crescent spanner

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CRESCENT, noun. Any shape resembling the curved shape of the moon in its first or last quarters.
CRESCENT, adjective. Resembling the new moon in shape.

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