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SHIELD, noun. Anything that protects or defends; defense; shelter; protection.
SHIELD, noun. A broad piece of defensive armor, carried on the arm, formerly in general use in war, for the protection of the body.
SHIELD, noun. Figuratively, one who protects or defends.
SHIELD, noun. (lichenology) In lichens, a hardened cup or disk surrounded by a rim and containing the fructification, or asci.
SHIELD, noun. (mining) A framework used to protect workmen in making an adit under ground, and capable of being pushed along as excavation progresses.
SHIELD, noun. (science fiction) A field of energy that protects or defends.
SHIELD, noun. Something shaped like a shield, usually an inverted triangle with slightly curved lower sides.
SHIELD, noun. (heraldry) The escutcheon or field on which are placed the bearings in coats of arms.
SHIELD, noun. A spot resembling, or having the form of a shield.
SHIELD, noun. (obsolete) A coin, the old French crown, or écu, having on one side the figure of a shield.
SHIELD, noun. (transport) A sign or symbol, usually containing numbers and sometimes letters, identifying a highway route.
SHIELD, noun. (colloquial) (law enforcement) A police badge.
SHIELD, noun. (geology) A large expanse of exposed stable Precambrian rock.
SHIELD, noun. (geology) A wide and relatively low-profiled volcano, usually composed entirely of lava flows.
SHIELD, verb. To protect, to defend.
SHIELD, verb. (electricity) to protect from the influence of
SHIELD BEETLE, noun. Any of the American shield bugs, in the Pentatomoidea superfamily.
SHIELD BEETLE, noun. (British) Any of several shield-shaped leaf beetles that typically inhabit a specific species of tree; especially members of the genus Cassida.
SHIELD BUG, noun. Any of various shield-shaped true bugs of the superfamily Pentatomoidea.
SHIELD BUGS, noun. Plural of shield bug
SHIELD FERN, noun. Any of the fern genus Dryopteris.
SHIELD LAW, noun. (US) (legal) legislation designed to provide a news reporter with the right to refuse to testify as to information and/or sources of information obtained during the news gathering and dissemination process.
SHIELD VOLCANO, noun. (vulcanology) A large volcano, with shallow-sloping sides and a flattened dome, formed of successive eruptions of free-flowing lava; a lava dome

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SHIELD, noun. A protective covering or structure.
SHIELD, noun. Armor carried on the arm to intercept blows.
SHIELD, noun. Hard outer covering or case of certain organisms such as arthropods and turtles.
SHIELD, verb. Protect, hide, or conceal from danger or harm.
SHIELD, verb. Hold back a thought or feeling about; "She is harboring a grudge against him".

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