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NEUTRON, noun. (particle) A subatomic particle forming part of the nucleus of an atom and having no charge; it is a combination of an up quark and two down quarks
NEUTRON ACTIVATION ANALYSIS, noun. (inorganic chemistry) An analytical technique that measures the decay of elements when bombarded with neutrons
NEUTRON BOMB, noun. An atomic bomb that produces a greater amount of neutrons, and a lesser amount of blast; the intention being to destroy life but not infrastructure.
NEUTRON BOMBS, noun. Plural of neutron bomb
NEUTRON CAPTURE, noun. (physics) A form of nuclear reaction in which one or more neutrons are absorbed by an atomic nucleus
NEUTRON CROSS SECTION, noun. (physics) The cross section (probability) of a neutron capture reaction
NEUTRON DIFFRACTION, noun. (physics) The interference process which occurs when neutrons are scattered by the atoms within solids, liquids and gases.
NEUTRON DRIP LINE, noun. (physics) The jagged line, on a chart showing the number of protons and neutrons of all known isotopes, beyond which neutron-rich nuclei are unstable and emit neutrons
NEUTRON FLUX, noun. (physics) The number of neutrons passing through one square centimeter of a given target in one second.
NEUTRON FLUXES, noun. Plural of neutron flux
NEUTRON INTERFEROMETER, noun. (physics) a device capable of diffracting neutrons and studying their wavelike characteristics
NEUTRON NUMBER, noun. (physics) The number of neutrons in the nucleus of an atom or isotope
NEUTRON NUMBERS, noun. Plural of neutron number
NEUTRON OPTICS, noun. (physics) the general field of study that employs the wavelike character of neutrons
NEUTRON RADIATION, noun. A form of non-ionizing radiation consisting of free neutrons.
NEUTRON SCATTERING, noun. (physics) any of several techniques that use the wavelike behaviour of neutrons as a scientific probe
NEUTRON SPECTROMETRY, noun. (physics) the field of study in which neutrons are used as a probe for measuring the excited states of nuclides
NEUTRON STAR, noun. (star) A degenerate star that has been so collapsed by gravity that its electrons and protons have been merged into neutrons by the intense pressure. The solid mass of neutrons is sometimes called neutronium.
NEUTRON STARS, noun. Plural of neutron star

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NEUTRON, noun. An elementary particle with 0 charge and mass about equal to a proton; enters into the structure of the atomic nucleus.

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