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POISON, noun. A substance that is harmful or lethal to a living organism.
POISON, noun. Something that harms a person or thing.
POISON, noun. (informal) A drink; liquor.
POISON, verb. (transitive) To use poison to kill or paralyse somebody
POISON, verb. (transitive) To pollute; to cause some part of the environment to become poisonous
POISON, verb. (transitive) To cause something to become much worse
POISON, verb. (transitive) To cause someone to hate or to have unfair negative opinions
POISON ARROW FROG, noun. Poison dart frog
POISON ARROW FROGS, noun. Plural of poison arrow frog
POISON ASH, noun. The tree Comocladia dodonaea, whose exudate can cause contact dermatitis.
POISON DART FROG, noun. Any member of the Dendrobatidae family of poisonous frogs.
POISON DART FROGS, noun. Plural of poison dart frog
POISON GAS, noun. (military) Any poisonous gas used as a chemical weapon
POISON GLAND, noun. Any specialized gland in some fishes and amphibians that secretes a mucus-like substance containing venomous or acrid material.
POISON GLANDS, noun. Plural of poison gland
POISON HEMLOCK, noun. The European hemlock Conium maculatum, an extremely poisonous plant in the carrot family, Apiaceae
POISON HEMLOCK, noun. (uncountable) A lethally poisonous drink made from the plant.
POISON IVY, noun. Any of three ivy-like species of Toxicodendron, well-known for their ability to causes an itching rash and blistering for most people, through urushiol, an oil that is a skin irritant.
POISON NUT, noun. Nux vomica (tree)
POISON NUT, noun. Nux vomica (fruit)
POISON OAK, noun. Any of the species of Toxicodendron with compound leaves having three oak-like leaflets, native to North America.
POISON PEN, noun. (idiomatic) A manner, means, or tone of expression had by a written work, characterized by spitefulness, defamation, and/or intimidation directed toward a person, organization, or point of view.
POISON PEN, noun. (attributive) (sometimes hyphenated) Of, pertaining to, or possessing such a manner of expression.
POISON PEN LETTER, noun. Alternative form of poison-pen letter
POISON PENS, noun. Plural of poison pen
POISON PILL, noun. (business) Any strategy designed to produce negative results for an entity carrying out a takeover.
POISON PILL, noun. (politics) A provision in a bill that leads to people who would have supported it opposing it instead.
POISON PILLS, noun. Plural of poison pill
POISON SUMAC, noun. A woody shrub or small tree, all parts of which cause irritation to humans; Toxicodendron vernix, formerly Rhus vernix.
POISON SUMACS, noun. Plural of poison sumac

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POISON, noun. Any substance that causes injury or illness or death of a living organism.
POISON, noun. Anything that harms or destroys; "the poison of fascism".
POISON, verb. Spoil as if by poison; "poison someone's mind"; "poison the atmosphere in the office".
POISON, verb. Kill with poison; "She poisoned her husband".
POISON, verb. Add poison to; "Her husband poisoned her drink in order to kill her".
POISON, verb. Kill by its poison; "This mushrooms can poison".
POISON, verb. Administer poison to; "She poisoned her husband but he did not die".

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