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KILLING, verb. Present participle of kill
KILLING, adjective. That literally deprives of life; lethal, deadly, fatal.
KILLING, adjective. Devastatingly attractive.
KILLING, adjective. That makes one ‘die’ with laughter; very funny.
KILLING, noun. An instance of someone being killed.
KILLING, noun. (informal) A large amount of money.
KILLING FIELD, noun. The field of fire of a machine gun or artillery
KILLING FIELD, noun. A place of mass slaughter; especially the Killing Fields of Cambodia
KILLING FIELDS, proper noun. A number of sites in Cambodia where mass slaughter of some 2,000,000 people was carried out by the Khmer Rouge in the late 1970s.
KILLING FIELDS, noun. Plural of killing field
KILLING FLOOR, noun. (US) that part of a slaughterhouse where the animals are killed and initial processing is carried out.
KILLING OFF, verb. Present participle of kill off
KILLING SPREE, noun. A number of murders, in a short span or time; a rampage.
KILLING SPREES, noun. Plural of killing spree
KILLING TIME, verb. Present participle of kill time
KILLING TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE, verb. Present participle of kill two birds with one stone

Dictionary definition

KILLING, noun. An event that causes someone to die.
KILLING, noun. The act of terminating a life.
KILLING, noun. A very large profit.
KILLING, adjective. Very funny; "a killing joke"; "sidesplitting antics".

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