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SHOOTING, verb. Present participle of shoot
SHOOTING, noun. (countable) An instance of shooting (a person) with a gun.
SHOOTING, noun. (uncountable) The sport or activity of firing a gun.
SHOOTING, noun. The act of one who, or that which, shoots.
SHOOTING, noun. A sensation of darting pain.
SHOOTING CIRCLE, noun. (netball) One of two semicircles in the goal thirds, radius 4.9 metres, in which the goal shooter and goal attack can shoot.
SHOOTING CIRCLES, noun. Plural of shooting circle
SHOOTING GALLERIES, noun. Plural of shooting gallery
SHOOTING GALLERY, noun. A carnival game typically featuring a pellet gun and numerous moving mechanical tracks with small targets to be shot for prizes.
SHOOTING GALLERY, noun. (figuratively) (sports) Any game or match with lots of shooting (e.g. at a goal)
SHOOTING GALLERY, noun. A room where heroin users shoot heroin.
SHOOTING GLASSES, noun. (firearms) A type of impact resistant eyewear used by shooters to prevent injury due to a cartridge or gun malfunction blowing hot gas or metal particles in to the shooter's face.
SHOOTING GUARD, noun. (basketball) A guard who is usually the taller of the two guard positions, and sometimes specializes in shooting from outside, particular from beyond the three-point line.
SHOOTING GUARDS, noun. Plural of shooting guard
SHOOTING IRON, noun. (chiefly US) (idiomatic) (dated) A firearm, especially a handgun.
SHOOTING ONE'S LOAD, verb. Present participle of shoot one's load
SHOOTING PRESERVE, noun. A preserve or area of country used for hunting.
SHOOTING PRESERVES, noun. Plural of shooting preserve
SHOOTING RANGE, noun. A facility designed for firearms practice.
SHOOTING RANGES, noun. Plural of shooting range
SHOOTING RIGHTS, noun. The right to enter upon land and make a geophysical survey.
SHOOTING SPREE, noun. The random shooting of multiple people with no obvious motive
SHOOTING SPREES, noun. Plural of shooting spree
SHOOTING STAR, noun. A meteor, especially a streak of light in the night sky, caused by a meteoroid burning up as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere.
SHOOTING STAR, noun. Any of several wild flowering plants in the genus Dodecatheon, mostly found in Western North America.
SHOOTING STARS, noun. Plural of shooting star
SHOOTING STICK, noun. A walking stick that has a spike at one end, and a handle that unfolds into a simple seat; used as a short-term seat at outdoor events
SHOOTING STICK, noun. Portable weapon mount used by field shooters, like hunters, snipers and metallic silhouette black-powder rifle shooters, similar to a monopod, bipod or tripod, with one, two or three legs
SHOOTING STICKS, noun. Plural of shooting stick
SHOOTING THE BREEZE, verb. Present participle of shoot the breeze
SHOOTING THROUGH, verb. Present participle of shoot through
SHOOTING THROUGH LIKE A BONDI TRAM, verb. Present participle of shoot through like a Bondi tram

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SHOOTING, noun. The act of firing a projectile; "his shooting was slow but accurate".
SHOOTING, noun. Killing someone by gunfire; "when the shooting stopped there were three dead bodies".

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