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SAILING, noun. Motion across a body of water in a craft powered by the wind, as a sport or otherwise
SAILING, noun. Navigation; the skill needed to operate and navigate a vessel
SAILING, noun. The time of departure from a port
SAILING, adjective. Travelling by ship
SAILING, verb. Present participle of sail
SAILING BOAT, noun. Sailboat
SAILING DINGHY, noun. A small sailboat with a single mast, especially one used for recreation
SAILING ON ANOTHER BOARD, verb. (obsolete) (nautical)acting in an unusual manner, or differently.
SAILING SHIP, noun. A ship with masts and sails, powered by the wind.
SAILING SHIPS, noun. Plural of sailing ship
SAILING UNDER FALSE COLORS, verb. (obsolete) (nautical) The act of deception, or to intentionally mystify.
SAILING VESSEL, noun. A sailboat or sailing ship.
SAILING VESSEL, noun. An ice yacht.
SAILING VESSEL, noun. A land yacht.
SAILING VESSELS, noun. Plural of sailing vessel

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SAILING, noun. The work of a sailor.
SAILING, noun. Riding in a sailboat.
SAILING, noun. The departure of a vessel from a port.
SAILING, noun. The activity of flying a glider.

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