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RACING, noun. The sport of competing in races.
RACING, verb. Present participle of race
RACING BRIEFS, noun. A briefs-style male swimsuit typically worn in competitive swimming and diving.
RACING CAR, noun. (automotive) (motor racing) A racecar.
RACING CARS, noun. Plural of racing car
RACING CERTAINTY, noun. A racehorse considered certain to win
RACING CERTAINTY, noun. (by extension) Anything considered certain to happen; a sure thing
RACING CRAB, noun. Any of several fast-running crabs of the family Ocypodidae.
RACING CRABS, noun. Plural of racing crab
RACING DRIVER, noun. (motor racing) a person whose profession is driving racing cars.
RACING FORM, noun. Alternative term for scratch sheet
RACING GREEN, noun. Alternative form of British racing green
RACING JACK, noun. (automotive) A jack with a pumping action that lifts a car very quickly
RACING JACKS, noun. Plural of racing jack
RACING THOUGHTS, noun. (psychology) A series of uncontrollable thoughts that switch rapidly between ideas, a symptom of bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders or other mental illnesses

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RACING, noun. The sport of engaging in contests of speed.

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