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DRIVER, noun. One who drives something, in any sense of the verb to drive.
DRIVER, noun. Something that drives something, in any sense of the verb to drive.
DRIVER, noun. A person who drives a motorized vehicle such as a car or a bus.
DRIVER, noun. A person who drives some other vehicle.
DRIVER, noun. (computing) A program that acts as an interface between an application and hardware, written specifically for the device it controls.
DRIVER, noun. (golf) A golf club used to drive the ball a great distance.
DRIVER, noun. (nautical) a kind of sail, smaller than a fore and aft spanker on a square-rigged ship, a driver is tied to the same spars.
DRIVER, noun. A mallet.
DRIVER, noun. A tamping iron.
DRIVER, noun. A cooper's hammer for driving on barrel hoops.
DRIVER, proper noun. A surname​.
DRIVER FATIGUE, noun. The condition wherein a person is suffering symptoms of fatigue while driving.
DRIVER REVIVER, noun. (Australia) a temporary roadside rest stop, often sponsored by local businesses, used to allow drivers a rest on long road trips in order to improve road safety.
DRIVER REVIVERS, noun. Plural of driver reviver

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DRIVER, noun. The operator of a motor vehicle.
DRIVER, noun. Someone who drives animals that pull a vehicle.
DRIVER, noun. A golfer who hits the golf ball with a driver.
DRIVER, noun. (computer science) a program that determines how a computer will communicate with a peripheral device.
DRIVER, noun. A golf club (a wood) with a near vertical face that is used for hitting long shots from the tee.

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