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LORRY, noun. (British) A motor vehicle for transporting goods; a truck.
LORRY, noun. (obsolete) A large low horse-drawn wagon.
LORRY, noun. (dated) A small cart or wagon, as used on the tramways in mines to carry coal or rubbish.
LORRY, noun. (dated) A barrow or truck for shifting baggage, as at railway stations.
LORRY, verb. (transitive) To soil, dirty, bespatter with mud or the like.
LORRY DRIVER, noun. (British) (Ireland) (India) (Pakistan) A person employed to drive a lorry (truck).
LORRY DRIVERS, noun. Plural of lorry driver

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LORRY, noun. A large low horse-drawn wagon without sides.
LORRY, noun. A large truck designed to carry heavy loads; usually without sides.

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