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AMBULANCE, noun. An emergency vehicle that transports sick or injured people to a hospital.
AMBULANCE, noun. (military) A mobile field hospital.
AMBULANCE CHASER, noun. (derogatory) An unethical attorney who solicits business at the scenes of accidents or in hospitals, in exchange for a percentage of the damages that will be recovered in the case.
AMBULANCE CHASER, noun. (by extension) An attorney who engages in unethical behavior.
AMBULANCE CHASER, noun. (derogatory) An unethical funeral director or person who engages in the unlicensed sale of preneeds or other services to those who do not yet need them in an attempt to increase business.
AMBULANCE CHASERS, noun. Plural of ambulance chaser

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AMBULANCE, noun. A vehicle that takes people to and from hospitals.

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