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PHONE, noun. A device for transmitting conversations and other sounds in real time across distances.
PHONE, verb. (transitive) To call (someone) on the telephone.
PHONE, noun. (phonetics) A speech segment that possesses distinct physical or perceptual properties, considered as a physical event without regard to its place in the phonology of a language.
PHONE BANK, noun. A collection of telephones within an organization such as a call center.
PHONE BANK, noun. A banking institution that does business solely or mostly via telephone.
PHONE BANKS, noun. Plural of phone bank
PHONE BOOK, noun. Alternative form of phonebook
PHONE BOOKS, noun. Plural of phone book
PHONE BOOTH, noun. A telephone booth.
PHONE BOOTHS, noun. Plural of phone booth
PHONE BOX, noun. (British and Ireland) A telephone box
PHONE BOXES, noun. Plural of phone box
PHONE CALL, noun. A message delivered by telephone, or a conversation held by means of a telephone
PHONE CALLS, noun. Plural of phone call
PHONE CARD, noun. Alternative term for telephone card
PHONE CARDS, noun. Plural of phone card
PHONE HACKING, noun. The act of intercepting and listening in on telephone calls or voicemail messages without the consent of the parties involved in the telephone conversation
PHONE HOME, verb. (intransitive) (literally) To make a telephone call to one's home.
PHONE HOME, verb. (intransitive) (informal) To contact a remote service for instructions, identification, etc.
PHONE IT IN, verb. (Should we move([1]) this sense?) to choose to deliver a message by telephone when etiquette demands the effort and respect conveyed by in person communication
PHONE IT IN, verb. (idiomatic) To fulfill a responsibility with a minimum effort rather than the appropriate level of effort.
PHONE IT IN, verb. (Should we move([1]) this sense?) to make an unseemly, timid performance; to be restrained and timid when bold action is called for
PHONE LINE, noun. Short for telephone line.
PHONE LINES, noun. Plural of phone line
PHONE MONKEY, noun. (pejorative) (slang) A receptionist or secretary charged with receiving or vetting phone calls.
PHONE NUMBER, noun. (colloquial) A telephone number.
PHONE NUMBERS, noun. Plural of phone number
PHONE SEX, noun. An erotic or sexual telephone conversation between two or more people.
PHONE SURVEY, noun. (statistics) An opinion poll or survey conducted through the use of calling people on their telephones to gather information relating to the public.
PHONE TAG, noun. (idiomatic) A situation in which two individuals attempting to contact each other by telephone repeatedly do not get a live person and instead trade messages, such as by voice mail.
PHONE UP, verb. (transitive) to contact by telephone

Dictionary definition

PHONE, noun. Electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds; "I talked to him on the telephone".
PHONE, noun. (phonetics) an individual sound unit of speech without concern as to whether or not it is a phoneme of some language.
PHONE, noun. Electro-acoustic transducer for converting electric signals into sounds; it is held over or inserted into the ear; "it was not the typing but the earphones that she disliked".
PHONE, verb. Get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone; "I tried to call you all night"; "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning".

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