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DA, symbol. (metrology) Symbol for the prefix deca-, indicating multiplication by 10
DA, noun. (Ireland) (Scotland) (Northern England) Father.
DA, noun. (slang) (Russianism) Yes; an affirmative response.
DA, interjection. (slang) (Russianism) Yes!
DA, article. (in the US, especially used in Chicago and New York) Eye dialect spelling of the.
DA, noun. Hair at the back of a person's head, styled resembling the rear of a duck. (See drawing at ducktail.)
DA, symbol. (metrology) Symbol for the deciampere, an SI unit of electrical current equal to 10−1 amperes.
㍲, symbol. Deca-
DA, abbreviation. Dalton (atomic mass unit)
DA, proper noun. A great serpent in the mythology of Dahomey
DA BOMB, noun. (slang) the best, the ultimate cool
DA CAPO, adverb. (music) From the beginning.
DA CAPO AL FINE, adverb. (music) Repeat from beginning up to the word fine.
DA COSTA'S SYNDROME, noun. A syndrome whose symptoms resemble those of heart disease, but without the physiological abnormalities; it is now considered a manifestation of an anxiety disorder.
DA DA, noun. (childish) Alternative form of dada
DA DAS, noun. Plural of da da
DA KIND, noun. Alternative spelling of da kine
DA KIND, adjective. Alternative spelling of da kine
DA KINE, adjective. Good, best
DA KINE, noun. (Hawaii) (slang) that; it; that thing.
DA KINE, noun. (Hawaii) (slang) the kind of thing we're discussing (a shibboleth)
DA VINCIAN, adjective. Of or relating to Leonard da Vinci (1452–1519), Italian artist and polymath.

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DA, noun. An official prosecutor for a judicial district.

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