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HACKING, adjective. Short and interrupted, broken, jerky; hacky.
HACKING, noun. (computing) Playful solving of technical work that requires deep understanding, especially of a computer system.
HACKING, noun. (computing) Unauthorized attempts to bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network. See also cracker.
HACKING, noun. (pathology) A dry coughing; the emission of a succession of short coughs.
HACKING, noun. (sports) (chiefly American football) (soccer) (rugby) A kick in the shins.
HACKING, noun. (massage) The act of striking the muscles with the side of the hand.
HACKING, noun. (UK) (countable) A riding or journey on horseback. (Plural hackings.)
HACKING, noun. (obsolete) The operation of working over the faces of rough or worn grindstones with a hack-hammer.
HACKING, noun. (obsolete) (masonry) The separation of a course of stones into two smaller courses, when there are not enough large stones to form a single course.
HACKING, noun. (obsolete) (gem-cutting) The cuts and grooves made in the metal laps by holding the cutting edge of a steel blade against them while in motion, for the purpose of providing receptacles or pockets for the powders using in cutting and polishing gems.
HACKING, noun. (obsolete) (brick-making) The piling of bricks for drying.
HACKING, verb. Present participle of hack
HACKING COUGH, noun. (pathology) A small and frequent cough, usually short and dry; a broken cough with a rough and loud sound; a hacking cough.
HACKING COUGHS, noun. Plural of hacking cough
HACKING IT, verb. Present participle of hack it
HACKING RUN, noun. (computing) A hacking session extended long outside normal working times, especially one longer than 12 hours; sometimes an all-nighter.
HACKING RUNS, noun. Plural of hacking run

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