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ROGUE, noun. A scoundrel, rascal or unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person.
ROGUE, noun. A mischievous scamp.
ROGUE, noun. A vagrant.
ROGUE, noun. Deceitful software pretending to be anti-spyware, but in fact being malicious software itself.
ROGUE, noun. An aggressive animal separate from the herd, especially an elephant.
ROGUE, noun. A plant that shows some undesirable variation.
ROGUE, noun. (role-playing games) A character class focusing on stealthy conduct.
ROGUE, adjective. (of an animal, especially an elephant) Vicious and solitary.
ROGUE, adjective. (by extension) Large, destructive and unpredictable.
ROGUE, adjective. (by extension) Deceitful, unprincipled.
ROGUE, adjective. Mischievous, unpredictable.
ROGUE, verb. (horticulture) To cull; to destroy plants not meeting a required standard. Especially when saving seed, rogue or unwanted plants are removed before pollination.
ROGUE, verb. (obsolete) To give the name or designation of rogue to; to decry.
ROGUE, verb. (obsolete) To wander; to play the vagabond; to play knavish tricks.
ROGUE ACCESS POINT, noun. An unauthorized access point (AP) installed on a WLAN.
ROGUE ELEPHANT, noun. A solitary, old, male elephant that has become dangerously and unpredictably violent
ROGUE ELEPHANT, noun. (by extension) Someone or something that is large, dangerous, and unpredictable
ROGUE GALLERY, noun. Alternative form of rogues' gallery
ROGUE STATE, noun. A state or nation acting outside of the accepted international norms and policies.
ROGUE STATES, noun. Plural of rogue state
ROGUE WAVE, noun. (surfing) A freak, large wave.

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ROGUE, noun. A deceitful and unreliable scoundrel.

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