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OREGON, proper noun. A northwestern state of the United States of America. Capital: Salem.
OREGON, proper noun. A city in Illinois.
OREGON, proper noun. A city in Missouri.
OREGON, proper noun. A city in Ohio.
OREGON, proper noun. A town in Wisconsin.
OREGON BOOT, noun. A heavy metal shackle attached to prisoners' legs to impede movement.
OREGON GRAPE, noun. An evergreen shrub (Mahonia aquifolium) native to the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada, having broadly serrated, glossy leaves and clusters of yellow flowers that develop into dark bluish-purple fruits. Also called tall Oregon grape.
OREGON GRAPE, noun. Any of various related shrubs of the Mahonia genus, including dwarf Oregon grape, Cascade Oregon grape, and creeping Oregon grape.
OREGON GRAPES, noun. Plural of Oregon grape
OREGON TREATY, proper noun. The 1846 binding agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States, which created the boundary between Oregon Country and British Columbia.

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OREGON, noun. A state in northwestern United States on the Pacific.

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